Qui est Rosalia

Rosalia Russo

Easy tea sommelier

I am Rosalia Russo and I’m an Easy Tea Sommelier. My distinct Sardinian origins mean that I adore deep and intense dimensions, which explains why I can’t help studying the culture of tea. Brought up on tea and biscuits, I am their interpreter, translating their language into a domestic and homely dimension. Torinese by adoption, I have a passion for the history of the Resistance and for gianduiotti (traditional chocolates from Torino!)

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Le Voyage Urbain de Rosalia

Tea is rock

Rosalia: Roses and blackberries are my imaginary tea garden, that often takes root at Portmanteau; you can find us at random: a super cool tea party, cups that don’t match, club mangerecci, eaters’ clubs, teapots that have survived, tea book know-alls, didactic snacks, sulking kettles, noses blotched with flour, coffers perfumed with teas from the world over, biscuits filled with the warmth of home and fortune-teller tea leaves.

Reserve your walking tea at € 5
write at info@portmanteau.it

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