Qui est Paola

Paola Tartaglino

Design and travel blogger

I am Paola Tartaglino and I’m a historian of contemporary art by profession. I work in the atelier of a Torinese artist, 4 days a week, for the rest of the time I write on my blogs and for CasaFacile magazine. The blog wemakeapair.com is dedicated to design, independent publishing, illustration and contemporary crafts, whilst carapaucostante.it is the site where my partner Marco and I share our passion for backpacking trips and street art.


Le Voyage Urbain de Paola

Independent culture by mail

Paola: hoppípolla  is a project aimed at supporting independent culture by a new distribution: a surprise box. We select and promote independent little creative companies, who are brave and alternative to the main stream production by a careful research. We want to offer every month new and high quality features, which are able to tell a story. Our proposal relates to design, music, illustration, publishing, food excellences and cinema d’essay.

Reserve your box at least 3 days before your stay and you’ll find it in your room when you arrive: it’s a perfect gift for curious people, creatives and all those you never know ho to surprise!

Write an e-mail to info@portmanteau.it

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