Qui est Daniela

Daniela Diletti

Leather artisan

After a degree in the History of Art, I decided to leave in Torino to study Architecture and Landscaping. However, I often go back home to help my parents in their small cobbler’s laboratory where they create handmade shoes, in the Marche. I am Daniela Diletti and this is how I rediscovered my passion for tanning leather. My small laboratory in Torino is where I dedicate myself to making leather bags and accessories.


Le Voyage Urbain de Daniela

Designing shoes

Daniela: In my lab, 4 people at time – for 2 hours – can make friends with the tools of the trade, touch and smell the leather of the shoe-making tradition, discover the techniques and little secrets that have made the name of shoes made in Italy great. Through the history of my family, we will touch on themes such as how vitally tied the role of the artisan and the culture of the territory is.

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