Who is Paola

Paola Bologna

Journalist and creative spirit

I am Paola Bologna, a mum, journalist and creative spirit. I work in the field of communication, for entities, festivals, fairs, exhibitions and cultural associations. As from 2011, I have been co-organizing photographic tutorials and projects, step-by-step, from work with children to do-it-yourself in the family, on my blog Oltreverso. I love travelling and since I became a mum I try to involve my daughter and her friends actively every time we visit a city, with a very special log-book and very simple treasure hunts, able to catch their attention, while, at the same time, leaving them free to wander nose in the air.


Paola's Urban Travel

Children on board

Paola: I love Torino very much and am re-discovering it through the eyes of my daughter, Anna. I imagine a special world for her, one where we go hunting through the historical centre, that could also be useful for the children of our friends who come to see us for the weekend.

Ask for her travel journal for little expolrators. The first series is for free at Portmanteau!

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