Who is Marzia

Marzia Allietta

Natural blogger

I am Marzia Allietta and I am a “natural blogger”. I travelled from the countryside of Cuneo to Torino, bringing the sensations, gestures and the flavours of the past along with me, synchronizing my heart beat to that of the Earth. Coffe&Mattarello is my space online, where I transform the ingredients into nutrition, knead, write and take photographs, cradled by the light filtering through Portmanteau’s windows, as if I were still in my country house.


Marzia's Urban Travel

Green adventures

Marzia: Our journey together will be an adventure, in search of Torino’s green soul, moving along at our own pace, on foot, or by bike, through the colours of its markets, the leaves of the urban vegetable gardens, the ecological realities born in the city while listening to the voice of the Po river and organizing wild picnics in the shade of the trees!

Reserve your picnic basket at € 13, writing some days before to info@portmanteau.it

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