We are all Urban travellers, there are those who are constantly on the move, curious to explore new territories, those who stay in the same place and discover a new light has been shed on the ripples of the river every dawn….

Travelling is an existential dimension of man, wherever, whenever, finding hospitality and transmitting a tale is all that is needed.

We will try to make it possible on this page, all you need to do is choose which voice is calling you right now amongst those of our city generators and reserve our suggestions or our activities.

Our City Generator

Live the city, generate culture!

Stefania Catalano

Professional guide

My name is Stefania Catalano, I am an art historian and authorized tourist guide for the province of Torino. But, above all, I was born and bred in Torino and so I love my city. I plan and lead guided visits to museums and temporary exhibitions, as well as itinerates on the territory with entities and institutions involved in the world of tourism.


Marzia Allietta

Natural blogger

I am Marzia Allietta and I am a “natural blogger”. I travelled from the countryside of Cuneo to Torino, bringing the sensations, gestures and the flavours of the past along with me, synchronizing my heart beat to that of the Earth. Coffe&Mattarello is my space online, where I transform the ingredients into nutrition, knead, write and take photographs, cradled by the light filtering through Portmanteau’s windows, as if I were still in my country house.


Daniela Diletti

Leather artisan

After a degree in the History of Art, I decided to leave in Torino to study Architecture and Landscaping. However, I often go back home to help my parents in their small cobbler’s laboratory where they create handmade shoes, in the Marche. I am Daniela Diletti and this is how I rediscovered my passion for tanning leather. My small laboratory in Torino is where I dedicate myself to making leather bags and accessories.


Irene Pittatore

Une reporteuse à deux yeux

I am Irene Pittatore, I love working with people, trying to give a voice to those who do not have much of one, shedding light on what is marginal. I write and take photographs on gender studies in an informed prospective, for MW and Playboy. I hold laboratories on awareness through photography, as well as giving birth to, and running photographic and communication projects.


Rosalia Russo

Easy tea sommelier

I am Rosalia Russo and I’m an Easy Tea Sommelier. My distinct Sardinian origins mean that I adore deep and intense dimensions, which explains why I can’t help studying the culture of tea. Brought up on tea and biscuits, I am their interpreter, translating their language into a domestic and homely dimension. Torinese by adoption, I have a passion for the history of the Resistance and for gianduiotti (traditional chocolates from Torino!)

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Annalisa Menin

Literary Cartographer

I am Annalisa Menin, I have been living in Torino for 7 years now and Portmanteau is a second home for me. Through Letteratura su misura I browse down the itineraries that wind between the pages of books, hunting for stories to tell in the tailor-made literature courses I project and run. I define myself as a literary cartographer because I put together maps dotted with words, images, photographs, suggestions… the places I have dreamed of – and the ones that I have memorized in my mind’s eye – never suffice.

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Paola Tartaglino

Design and travel blogger

I am Paola Tartaglino and I’m a historian of contemporary art by profession. I work in the atelier of a Torinese artist, 4 days a week, for the rest of the time I write on my blogs and for CasaFacile magazine. The blog wemakeapair.com is dedicated to design, independent publishing, illustration and contemporary crafts, whilst carapaucostante.it is the site where my partner Marco and I share our passion for backpacking trips and street art.


Paola Bologna

Journalist and creative spirit

I am Paola Bologna, a mum, journalist and creative spirit. I work in the field of communication, for entities, festivals, fairs, exhibitions and cultural associations. As from 2011, I have been co-organizing photographic tutorials and projects, step-by-step, from work with children to do-it-yourself in the family, on my blog Oltreverso. I love travelling and since I became a mum I try to involve my daughter and her friends actively every time we visit a city, with a very special log-book and very simple treasure hunts, able to catch their attention, while, at the same time, leaving them free to wander nose in the air.


Nicoletta Daldanise

Host and art curator

I am Nicoletta Daldanise and, like you, I’m a traveller. Through Portmanteau I’ll help you to discover why it is worthwhile getting to know Torino better. I am a curator of contemporary art and have often dedicated my time to research on  cities, communities and independent art scene, in the quest to discover the desires and stories that run beneath the asphalt. Whenever somebody opens up a new space or activity, I can’t help going to snoop.


Daniela Diletti

Leather artisan

After a degree in the History of Art, I decided to leave in Torino to study Architecture and Landscaping. However, I often go back home to help my parents in their small cobbler’s laboratory where they create handmade shoes, in the Marche. I am Daniela Diletti and this is how I rediscovered my passion for tanning leather. My small laboratory in Torino is where I dedicate myself to making leather bags and accessories.


Our Urban Travels

Tour, events, workshop

What to see

Special tours

Green adventures

Marzia: Our journey together will be an adventure, in search of Torino’s green soul, moving along at our own pace, on foot, or by bike, through the colours of its markets, the leaves of the urban vegetable gardens, the ecological realities born in the city while listening to the voice of the Po river and organizing wild picnics in the shade of the trees!

Reserve your picnic basket at € 13, writing some days before to info@portmanteau.it

A professional guide for you

Stefania: We can decide together which itinerary to take, from the more classical ones to personalized routes, tailor-made on the basis of your very own preferences, tastes and how much time you have to dedicate. For example, you might like to choose a tour around Baroque Torino or its historical coffee-shops, take a walk in the Dora park, a stone’s throw away from Portmanteau, pay a visit to one of the numerous museums or go around a Residence of the Royal House of Savoy – UNESCO World Heritage. You’ll be spoiled for choice!

Your photo shooting across Torino

Irene: I saw the sparks of Portmanteau in Nicoletta’s mind’s eye long before it even had a physical space or bricks and mortar. I photographed her rooms and I would like to photograph her travellers/guests and their traces. As to Torino, I would like to show the traces of the industrial city, a huge quantity of water, the bars I love to work in, unusual experiences in art and contemporary theatre and maybe some of my work exhibited in this city.

The city as a book

Annalisa: I’ll take you, hand-in-hand, on a trip within a trip: we will read The invisible cities by Italo Calvino, the book all the rooms in Portmanteau are inspired to. A literary aperitivo in front of the chimney with a view on the roofs of Portmanteau’s neighborhood.

Independent culture by mail

Paola: hoppípolla  is a project aimed at supporting independent culture by a new distribution: a surprise box. We select and promote independent little creative companies, who are brave and alternative to the main stream production by a careful research. We want to offer every month new and high quality features, which are able to tell a story. Our proposal relates to design, music, illustration, publishing, food excellences and cinema d’essay.

Reserve your box at least 3 days before your stay and you’ll find it in your room when you arrive: it’s a perfect gift for curious people, creatives and all those you never know ho to surprise!

Write an e-mail to info@portmanteau.it

Children on board

Paola: I love Torino very much and am re-discovering it through the eyes of my daughter, Anna. I imagine a special world for her, one where we go hunting through the historical centre, that could also be useful for the children of our friends who come to see us for the weekend.

Ask for her travel journal for little expolrators. The first series is for free at Portmanteau!

City in progress

Nicoletta: Come with me and immerge yourself in the magmatic flow of Torino in transformation. We’ll go through the city in a circular fashion, hunting for venues, restaurants and laboratories, where the smell of its authenticity and suspended atmosphere, that borders on romanticism and experimentation, pervades your nose.

What to eat

Taste a new flavour

Tea is rock

Rosalia: Roses and blackberries are my imaginary tea garden, that often takes root at Portmanteau; you can find us at random: a super cool tea party, cups that don’t match, club mangerecci, eaters’ clubs, teapots that have survived, tea book know-alls, didactic snacks, sulking kettles, noses blotched with flour, coffers perfumed with teas from the world over, biscuits filled with the warmth of home and fortune-teller tea leaves.

Reserve your walking tea at € 5
write at info@portmanteau.it

What to do

Labs and workshop

Designing shoes

Daniela: In my lab, 4 people at time – for 2 hours – can make friends with the tools of the trade, touch and smell the leather of the shoe-making tradition, discover the techniques and little secrets that have made the name of shoes made in Italy great. Through the history of my family, we will touch on themes such as how vitally tied the role of the artisan and the culture of the territory is.

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