Ideas and travellers are welcome since 2014

Exploring the city by the people who live it

People travel to learn, meet people, forget, share and tell stories. Italo Calvino said that what we enjoy about cities is how they answer our questions.

Turin is my city. I have chosen to stay here and it’s the place I decide to leave from time to time.

Portmanteau means coat rack, but it’s also the name of a historic model of travel bag.
It’s a place where I continue to welcome everything I love about this city: people, plans, stories and places I have lost myself in on my walks.

The factory is where I work on my cultural projects and host people looking for an oasis in the city to develop new ideas.

If you come from far away and you need a place to stay, you are welcome in my mansarda to know more about them!

What about you? What’s in your luggage?

Where we are

A few minutes from the city centre and Porta Susa station